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I help music teachers create online income streams.

Hi, my name is Bogdan.

For the past 15 years, I’ve been helping music teachers run and grow their online music teaching businesses.

I’m an expert in online music education memberships, digital courses & marketing.

There are different ways I can help you make money online from your skills as a musician.

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These Are Some Of The Online Businesses I’ve Worked With:

“Bogdan has really helped me out when it comes to creating landing pages, sales pages, he creates my email funnels for me…”

“Hi my name is Evan from Cartoon Block. I just wanna say that Bogdan has really helped me out when it comes to creating landing pages, sales pages, he creates my email funnels for me, he handles my website maintenance and most of all my Facebook advertising. So if you’re looking for somebody who can handle all those things, who’s quick, fast and reliable – Bogdan is your man! Definitely check out his services.” – Evan Burse, Cartoon Block Academy

Evan Burse

Founder, Cartoon Block Academy

About me

I’ve been managing, building & growing online music teaching businesses since 2007.

I had success. But it wasn’t easy, it never is.

For example I have:

  • Worked on managing day-to-day operations of an established guitar instructional website.
  • Helped develop & grow a jazz guitar membership.
  • Published own courses on Udemy and had 1700+ students
  • Worked with online membership businesses in other online education niches.

This meant that I spent every minute of the day on a computer, learning about online business strategy, content creation, web development, email marketing, digital advertising…

After spending 15+ years in online music education industry as an integrator, I’ve discovered specific strategies and tech that you can use to start your own music teaching business the easiest way possible.

Here at MusicTeachingBiz (MTB) I want to share resources, tips & tricks for launching & running a profitable online music teaching business.

Get on the fast lane towards your new life as a music educator & online business founder!

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