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3 Things Music Lessons Website Must Do

by | Mar 12, 2023

To be in a position to start making online income as a music teacher, nowadays, you need to have a website.

Your website will serve as a home for any services, digital products, courses, or music instruction memberships you sell or plan to launch.

Making a website can feel overwhelming, but you’ll make it much easier with a good plan.

In this post, I’ll share with you three things you need to optimize your website for, to set it up for success.

Let’s use an acronym: A-I-C.

Design your website so that it follows these principles to maximize your chances of success.

#1 – Attract (Your Ideal Audience)

attract audience to your guitar lessons website

The first thing your website needs to do is attract the right kind of people.

You want to attract the potential students who are most likely to take lessons with you, purchase your music courses or join a music membership site you’re running.

People always focus on the number of website visits when checking out those addictive stats.

But if people visiting your website are not the people you want to attract to your online music teaching business, those visits mean nothing.

Make your website and content more relevant to your ideal audience.

You can accomplish this by publishing articles, resources, and other valuable materials on the topics your people will search for online.

If you don’t know who your ideal students are or what kind of product you will be selling online as a music teacher, you can download my free guide here and fill out the action items inside to get some clarity.

In short, every piece of content you publish on your website must attract your ideal students.

Never publish content that might be popular but is off-topic.

#2 – Inform (And Provide Value)

music instructional content website

People who are searching on Google have questions.

The content you publish and make available on your website should provide the answer.

Always publish only high-quality, informative, and helpful content.

Furthermore, this content needs to be relevant to the people you consider your ideal students.

It must answer their most searched-for questions, solve problems and address pain points.

Bonus mission: the content you publish should also repel all other people you can’t help.

For example, if you’re teaching metal guitar and your ideal students are young guitarists looking to learn how to shred, then you want to publish content that’s helpful to them.

At the same time, you kind of want to discourage, for example, flamenco guitar players that need instruction on fingerstyle technique from visiting your website in the first place because:

  • You do not teach flamenco guitar and don’t consider yourself an expert.
  • You don’t have any free materials or paid products, that would be helpful.

You need to provide the best possible value to your audience through the content you share, whether it’s free content or paid products.

The content you publish online will showcase what kind of music teacher you are, position yourself as an expert and facilitate moving website visitors to the next step.

What follows is the most crucial thing your music lessons website needs to achieve:

#3 – Convert (Turn Visitors Into Leads & Customers)

music website email optin

All your content, buttons, links…

Everything that is on your website should serve a single most crucial end goal:

Convert visitors into leads and customers.

Conversion means moving a person from “just visiting” a website, like a window shopper, into expressing the desire to be more involved (like entering the store!).

So every action you plan in the website visitor path needs to lead to this end goal. 🎯

You pretty much either want:

  • To capture contact information from your visitors
  • To sell them something and turn them into customers

Of course, there might be other things you might consider equally viable conversions, like having visitors:

  • Book a discovery call with you
  • Book music lessons online
  • Download a lead-magnet
  • Subscribe on your mailing list
  • Send you an email

Whatever the desired conversion is, the website needs to be built in such a way that: all roads lead to this action.

Skip any unnecessary call-to-action buttons if the action is not the most desirable to your business.

Design content in a way that naturally leads visitors from just visiting to wanting to learn more about you and what you’ve got to offer.


Build and design your music teacher website in such a way that it organically attracts the ideal audience.

Publish content that is high quality, relevant, and helpful to your ideal students.

Create every piece of content and page on the website in such a way that they are optimized to generate conversions – i.e., actions that are most desirable to your online music business.

If you’re just starting and fiddling with an idea to start an online business as a music teacher, then an excellent place to start is to download my free e-book guide here with action items you can fill in to plan your future business.


Click the button below to get instant access to this printable +70 page guide and transform your teaching NOW!

I hope you’ll find this article helpful when building or re-designing your existing website.

All the best,
Founder, MusicTeachingBiz.com